Man Sized Grip

I’ve been dangling from poles a while now, so no doubt some progress is to be expected. Despite emerging from winter and the quaffing of some excellent red blends, the waistline has not suffered to the extent it did in previous years. I was only absent from pole class for a week, due to annoying … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Bruised

It was Saturday morning and finally the day I’d been looking forward to all week had arrived: It was the day of my first pole dance class! I got out of bed feeling light and breezy. Ate the usual breakfast. In the shower I spied my spiky legs and decided that a shave was essential. … Continue reading

Right from wrong

There has been a lot of emphasis in recent weeks on practicing things on our “wrong” sides. It is all too easy for us pole dance enthusiasts to become what I like to call “a one-side wonder”, simply because things are quite challenging on one side and much easier (initially) on the other. Too many times … Continue reading

Who is Miss Tangerine?

Miss Tangerine is an absolute beginner pole dancer. She only recently had her first pole dance fitness experience and it was love at first ‘flight’. Follow Miss Tangerine to find out more about first-time pole dancing experiences. From her first ever pole dancing class to her first attempt at standing on the pole, Miss Tangerine … Continue reading

Who is Miss Pink?

Miss Pink is an adventure seeking, compulsive pole cleaning, always there to catch a buddy, advanced-level pole dancer. She can pull-off some seriously gymnastic like tricks and has developed a nice set of ‘guns’ from hours of pole dancing. She’s your go-to gal if you are looking for some inspiration for your pole dancing future. … Continue reading

Who is Miss Turquoise?

I could have been blue, but I’m turquoise – Miss Turquoise to you… Almost christened Miss Blue, resistance mounted immediately, not that I dislike the colour, but its associations. Depressives and porn. Neither relate to me, for I am Miss Turquoise, a lady at sea, venturing between poles, to perfect the grip and experience the … Continue reading

Who is Miss Green?

Miss Green is an advanced-level pole dancer who likes her pole shorts almost as much as she does her peep-toed stilettos and matching toenail polish. She likes nothing better than to see other pole dancers achieve, which is why she’s also a pole dance instructor. She enjoys that moment when the penny drops and a … Continue reading